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Where It All Began

Natalie always dreamt of utilising the field.


For more than 15 years Natalie had a dream of utilising her family field.

Every year Natalie's family and friends attended her Selby festival which was being held there and those happy memories gave Natalie such joy. People coming together, having fun and knowing their children were safe, created the best moments for everyone.

Natalie had a lightbulb moment and a camp site would be born.


The dream became a reality with the arrival of Liz. Her skill and practicality saw the family field transformed into the wonderful, friendly camp site that we have today.

It was challenging at times but great fun too and we are so proud of what we have achieved.

Liz, the practical one

The Beginning

of the Campsite 2017

In the last few years, the field the campsite had been created from, become too much of a task for one person to maintain. The gate had been closed and the grass was left to over grow. The field had become full of tall weeds and brambles.

With the purchase of a newer, larger mower and several days of dry weather, together we held our breath and took our first tentative steps towards the marathon mow we were to face.

Would the ride-on mower manage to complete the mammoth task ahead?

The Hard Work Pays​ Off

Within a few weeks of mowing and clearing, the vision of a campsite was actually becoming a reality. We could see the potential.

The grass came back very lush and thick very quickly.

The Campsite begins.

The Road Was Levelled

After the electrics were installed for the EHU units,

the new road was distributed and levelled.

Toilet Facilities Delivered

We were so excited when the toilet block was delivered, but this soon turned to one of our biggest stresses to date, when the delivery driver decided he couldn't fit his HIAB through our driveway!

A couple of weeks later and with a competent driver, our toilets were placed where they were going to reside.

Toilet block delivered.
The new private fencing going up.

The Fencing Frenzy

Knowing that a safe and private campsite was what we wanted, we had to take the big decision of fencing in the field.

For 20 years Natalie had an open view of the beautiful surrounding countryside but a safe place was what was needed.

A very knowledgeable friend Phil, stepped in and took on the mammoth job and with a little help from Liz, the transformation took shape.

Our Recent Work

Fencing is Complete

It's been a very big job.

In 2020, the new fencing went up,

making the campsite safe and private. 


Firepit used for the first time in 2020.

Marshmallows were on the menu.

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